The US Federal Contractor Registration Verified Vendor Seal

Harrisburg, PA. August 4, 2019

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The US Federal Contractor Registration Verified Vendor seal is presented to vendors after a case manager has helped them prepare their SAM Registration or Renewal. The seal notifies contracting officers and other clients that the vendor's registration is complete and free from errors.

The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center estimates that as many as 20 percent of the over 600,000 firms presently registered in CCR have mistakes in their records. Registration with a US Federal Contractor Registration Case Manager helps business avoid these problems.

TecPort Solutions has earned this seal, assuring you that you can avoid the problems you may encounter with other vendors that have not earned this highly sought seal.

Government Contractor Security Compliance

Harrisburg, PA. July 1, 2015

Security Compliance server image

The Executive order 13636 that was put into effect mandates all Contractors supplying services and product to the US Government have a requirement to provide a reasonable plan to protect data to include contract information, reports, financial data, etc.

TecPort Solutions is now offering services to Government Contractors to ensure rigorous compliance with all Security standards and keep sensitive government contractual information safe from attack.

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