Past Performance


Contracting Agency / Business: NAVSISA

Contract Name: STARS Program Management Support

Place of Performance: Mechanicsburg, PA

Description of work:

The Navy Supply Information Systems Activity (NAVSISA) contracted with TecPort to provide Program Management support for the Standard Accounting and Reporting System (STARS). In the contract period, TecPort provided all levels of technical support for the systems development life cycle:  

          Program Management Support

          QA Test development

          Analytical Support

          Business, Technical Studies and Analysis Procurement Planning and Support

          Operations Support

          Complex business Assessment Documentation/ Reports / Plans

          Risk Analysis and Recommendations IPT Support/ DHS Advisory

          Technical Assistance

          Cost Benefit Analysis Life Cycle Support Analysis

          Strategic Planning Business Support and Improvement

          Program Goals / Milestones Program Control Oversight EVM

          Accounting and Financial Support

          Technical tasks include the following:

          Develop Project Milestones

          Develop Functional Requirements

          Develop Project Design Documents (PDDs)

          Develop Program Specifications

          Provide Programming support

          Develop Test Plans

          Develop Software Test Plans/Descriptions

          Provide Implementation Plans

          Develop Training Plans

          Provide maintenance support to ensure continuity of service

          Facilitate development and training of support staff

          Work with government and contractor managers to ensure work is completed on schedule  

          Make recommendations on strategies and approaches to resolve issues and concerns

          Develop rough order of magnitude (ROMs) estimates

          Provide mentoring of organic resources in both the functional and technical areas

          Provide support on related projects


Navy DPAS Project

Contracting Agency / Business: NAVSISA

Contract Name: Technical Architecture Support

Place of Performance: Mechanicsburg, PA

Description of work:

TecPort provided a technical architect to assist with re-engineering the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) application and to mentor Navy support staff, as needed. DPAS is the DoD’s automated asset management system, used by 10,000 users accessing 350 instances of the database across the world. The TecPort DPAS team was awarded the Outstanding Development Team of the Year for 2008.  

In completing the two-year project, major activity included analyzing and documenting DPAS databases, business rules and external interfaces, designing, documenting and presenting a DPAS System Architecture for the technology upgrade from the UNIX/COBOL/Supra platform to the .Net/MS-SQL platform. TecPort provided project-specific mentoring to the DPAS application support team and helped write the Business Management Modernization Program for the upgrade while assist with all aspects of technical design, development and implementation.


Contracting Agency / Business: NAVSISA

Contract Name: Program Management Support

Place of Performance: Mechanicsburg, PA

Description of work:

TecPort performed examination of submitted NAVSUP documentation to determine adequacy of content, identification of additional documentation requirements, analysis of provided technical and non-technical test results, and overall risk assessment. TecPort was also responsible for telephonic/ electronic (e-mail) correspondence with the submitting organization / Echelon II (ECII) to address DIACAP documentation and IA requirement issues as well as recommending and assisting in changes and improvements to NAVSUP systems architecture / security posture.


Contracting Agency / Business: NAVSISA

Contract Name: COMPASS Integration Support

Place of Performance: Mechanicsburg, PA

Description of Work:

TecPort provided support services required for the Computer Provisioning, Allowance and Supply System (COMPASS) project. TecPort performed and assisted with final acceptance testing (FAT) of the new COMPASS software, provided FAT functional and technical products and filled critical skills gaps left by recent retirees. They assisted with integration by mentoring project team in the practical application of the Java Language and the COMPASS system functionality.

DISA UNIX and Windows Technical Support Services

Contracting Agency / Business: Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Contract Name: UNIX and Windows Technical Support Services

Place of Performance: Columbus, OH

Description of Work:

TecPort Solutions, Inc. (TecPort) supports DISA’s mission in many ways and at multiple locations. At the Infrastructure Services Center (ISC) in Columbus, Ohio, TecPort performs UNIX (HP, SUN, Linux) and Windows 2000/2003 operating system and architectural technical and operational support services on over 500 mid-tier platform servers.

ISC Columbus’ operating platforms include various virtualized and standalone servers, and range from blade technology to larger multi-partitioned operating environments. TecPort operational and architectural management of Storage Environments supports most industry leading tape, disk and Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies. ISC Columbus facilities include mainframe, mid-tier, and client-server applications supporting legacy systems, host development, and production systems. TecPort coordinates implementation and integration services, and provides technical support, subject matter expertise, and project management services.

 DISA Open Systems Support 

Contracting Agency / Business: Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Contract Name: Open Systems Support

Place of Performance: Mechanicsburg, PA

Description of Work:

In a complex high security multi-platform environment, TecPort provided consulting level support regarding configuration, installation, and ongoing support for Hewlett-Packard (HP) Unix, SUN Solaris, AIX, Linux and associated software products to the DECC Mechanicsburg Open Systems Group. They supported the development and implementation of systems diagnostic and maintenance tools to ensure the availability and functionality of systems required in support of organizational objectives through development of standards and criteria for accessing server performance, availability, capacity, or configuration problems. They planned and coordinated the migration server workload from remote locations and provided recommended procedures for integrating new workload with existing systems.