Interested in a future that exceeds your expectations? At TecPort Solutions we are always looking for talented, creative, intelligent people who are driven to make a difference for our clients. We want great people who enjoy creating and sharing the perfect solution for our customers.

Team CareersTecPort Solutions' culture is respectful, encouraging, empowering, and devoid of status and bureaucracy. Based on a desire for associates to achieve and realize all of their potential, we support the pursuit of knowledge and individual growth. Recognizing the importance of our associates' roles and individual contributions, our human capital is the most critical aspect to our success.

TecPort Solutions' professionals respect each other's thoughts and ideas, are willing to "go the extra mile" for each other. We encourage "out of the box" thinking and challenge our teammates to think beyond their current paradigms. TecPort Solutions professionals build relationships with other associates that go beyond day-to-day activities. Sports teams, picnics and social gatherings, special interest groups, and special events to wind down after a long workday or work week are part of the culture at TecPort Solutions.



Benefit OptionsThe benefits package is an important factor in evaluating a potential employer. Employees deserve a return on time and energy invested in their company. They want support, recognition, knowing their efforts are appreciated and that they are valued as individuals.

With this in mind, TecPort has developed a benefits program that provides for the well-being for our employees and their family. Our program is designed to provide significant protection from catastrophic loss due to medical expenses and temporary loss of income. TecPort also provides the added security of retirement, disability, and death benefits.

All employees who work thirty hours or more per week on an annualized average basis are considered eligible for the benefits package which contains:

Medical Care Coverage - TecPort offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan from Highmark Blue Shield. There is a modest co-pay for office, specialist and ER visits.

Dental Care Coverage - TecPort provides dental coverage through United Concordia, a premier dental insurer.

Vision Care Coverage - TecPort provides eye care from Highmark Blue Shield Optichoice Gold Vision Program.

Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance- TecPort offers a voluntary short-term disability benefit to all full-time employees. Monthly rates vary depending on age and desired weekly benefit amount. Premiums will be withheld on a per pay basis after taxes. Benefits are income tax free when received.

Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance - TecPort provides long-term disability benefits to all full-time employees. This benefit is to assist the employee who is unable to work for an extended period of time due to a disabling prolonged injury or illness.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance - TecPort provides a base amount of coverage for the employee as well as spouse and children/dependents. The employee may elect to supplement this base amount at a nominal cost. Monthly rates for the supplemental coverage vary depending on coverage amount and age factors. Premiums will be withheld on a per pay basis after taxes.

Workers' Compensation Disability Insurance - As mandated by state and federal law, and in an effort to protect employees from financial loss due to an injury or illness, Tecport provides workers' compensation benefits.

401(k) Plan - The Merrill Lynch administered 401(k) plan allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars on a regular basis through payroll deductions. All employees (full and part-time) are eligible to participate in the voluntary payroll deferral of pre-tax dollars up to 30% of their salary until they reach the maximum annual IRS limit.


LearnEarnTecPort Solutions' associates receive the training and support they need to build their career. Between gaining the competitive edge through TecPort's unique skills and processes and learning alongside other associates, anyone who joins our team is given the tools and knowledge to prosper.

Where do you go from there? That's up to you! If you have the drive, competence and self-motivation to succeed, you will build an unbeatable career with TecPort Solutions. We are only as good as our team, and our team is only as strong as its associates. TecPort Solutions knows that the strongest, smartest and most agile associates come from the proper management, instruction and dedication of their team. We are committed to making you successful.

Tecport Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer